My First Year at Shopify

This week I completed a full year at Shopify and it has been GREAT! I don’t think it would be an exaggeration to say that Shopify is the best place I’ve worked. This isn’t meant to diminish other places I’ve worked; I’ve had a lot of fun, made some great friends, and had some fantastic bosses throughout my career. Shopify is also far from perfect. That said, I just feel home at Shopify. I feel appreciated, I enjoy what I do, and I work with some fantastic people. I can get behind our mission and how we’re accomplishing it.

I’m astonishingly lucky to work at a job I love. I’m proud and honored to be associated with Shopify. I can’t wait to see what amazing things I’ll be a part of over the next year and beyond!

Three Months at Shopify

I just recently hit the three-month mark in my new position at Shopify. It has been an amazing experience, for sure. While I’ve definitely had other jobs that I enjoyed, I’ve never worked anywhere quite like Shopify or on my team. I’m working with some of my favorite technologies (like lots of Rails on Kubernetes and doing exciting things with MySQL), but it isn’t just that. The culture, especially on my team, has been fantastic. I have some really exciting (and solvable) challenges on the horizon, and I believe in our mission. I’m not drowning in work but there’s plenty to do. I can confidently say that the company does a good job of actually caring about us and our mental well-being.

This wasn’t meant to be a glowing review of Shopify as much as it is an insight into this new chapter of my life. Work is a huge part of who I am, so having it improve so much seems worth sharing. I’m genuinely excited to see where things go from here.

My Thoughts on Meetings

Meetings can take up a lot of time and cost companies a fair amount of money. They often distract from real work, and fill up our day. When we have too many of them, it is difficult to remain enthusiastic about participating. Here, I’ll provide my thoughts on meetings. I’ll make the case for why we should seek to reduce the amount of time we spend them, and why we should make the time we do spend in them as productive as possible.

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