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Hi there! I’m Jonathan Gnagy. Sometimes I’m called just Jon, (notice the lack of an “h”), or sometimes I’m called by my sufficiently unique last name, Gnagy. Don’t feel bad if you don’t know how to say it; nobody ever gets it right the first time. Here’s how my family taught me to say it: “Juh-Neh-Gee” (or in IPA: “dʒ næ ɡiː”).

I’m a huge fan of Ruby, Linux, and most other things open source. When I’m not hacking on Ruby or otherwise working on IT things, I read, listen to audiobooks and podcasts, and watch a lot of science-related YouTube videos (more stuff to link to soon).

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  1. I appreciate very much your letter to Mr. Trump! Thank you!
    Problem: This type of politicians gains support in many other countries, too, incl. my country.
    Walter (from Germany, used to live in San Jose for two years)

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